Top five home remedies for a kennel cough

A cough is a terrible situation for a human being,but one must note that it is also same painful for animals as well. The dogs, loveliest and loyalist pet among all, also have to suffer from this poor health condition due to change of season or some other factors as well.Related image

A kennel cough is a condition in your dog which causes frequent bouts of coughing at a severe level. It is also known as tracheobronchitis. A kennel cough is caused by viruses. When a dog inhales infected air containing harmful bacteria and virus, it travels right through their respiratory tract into their lungs. Such conditions come into action when the kennel conditions are poor such as that of ventilation and cleanliness. Other factors such as low temperature, dust, thesmoke of cigarettes also make the dog vulnerable to this condition. In the initial bouts you can apply some home remedies to your dog,but in case it gets serious, you must take your pet to a vet. If you want to train you dog, you can hire professional at Cleveland dog training services.Here are the most important and effective remedies for a kennel cough:

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is very important when one has to deal with the treatment of a kennel cough in dogs. It speeds up the dog’s ability to recover fast. Vitamin C in itself is a great booster of immunity. The dosage or the amount of Vitamin C that should be given to a dog depends on its weight and size. It is always advisable to clear ones’ doubt or dilemma by consulting a vet. It should be given on a regular basis given thrice a day as long as the infection takes its time to recover.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide: Although it might take a lot of time to find out food grade hydrogen peroxide, it is a very effective agent for suppressing kennel cough as it helps in killing the harmful microbes responsible for this condition. A little amount of hydrogen peroxide should be mixed with raw honey,and warm water and any kind of solid food should be soaked in it and then fed to the dog. This remedy should be repeated twice daily. It is very important that the container’s in which your pet eats or drinks should be properly sterilized with diluted hydrogen peroxide o reduce the risks of further infection.

Cough syrup: A spoonful of cough syrup is one of the effective decongestants for kennel coughing dogs. One should also keep in mind that the suppressants should not be given. The idea is for the dog to cough out all the suppressed phlegm so that the bronchial tract is cleared to breathe freely with ease. Cough syrups which are made naturally have become very popular over the last few years,and they are available easily at major pharmaceutical chains. Natural cough syrups do not have chemicals in them and hence no side effects.

Cinnamon: Sprinkling a little amount of cinnamon on your dog’s food at any time of the year is always good to prevent a kennel cough. Just like coconut oil, cinnamon also contains certain agents which are anti-microbial. The write has been done by (name here) who is working as writer at from last 3 years and producing quality articles.